Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Profile Time!

So in the next few days, I'm gonna try and profile myself and all the people who play a major role in my we go!

Myself, Sierra E. W.

Age: 16

I live in: Ohio, US

Pets: three precious kitties and one mischievious Newfoundland dog :)

Family: Mom, stepfather, one stepsister, two stepbrothers, dad, stepmother, stepsister, sister

Religion: I'm really confused with my faith right now, and sort of believe in a mash-up of all religions, but you could probably best describe me as a Hindu-Christian, since my beliefs are based in Christianity, as i grew up, and many Hindus believe in many religions as I do.

Misc: I'm really into fashion, and love high fashion, as well as a Japanese style called Lolita, not to be confused with the western meaning for lolita lol art and music and clothes are my life, outside my family and my loving boyfriend, Jeff. I've got tons of crazy radical views on all sorts of things that i would be glad to debate with people over, but at the same time, i have a love for life and live with a mind open to new views and ideas all the time. I like to think of myself like just another part of nature, constantly changing.

and you can pretty much see my little info thingys for the rest. Tomorrow I'll profile my Jeff-baby!

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